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Thu Aug 31 13:49:44 EDT 2000

Ven said...
> Shapeshifters and the conservation of mass: when I used to play
> AD&D our rather technically minded group were always trying to
> find scientific explanations forn how spells worked. One allowed
> you to fill a chest with heavy stuff then dismiss it somewhere until
> you wanted it again. We decided they must go to "the elemental
> plane of chests" which we made up (eventually one of the chests
> returned empty and we had to go there to find out who or what had
> nicked our treasure). Anyhow we decided that all sorts of
> inconvenient matter must be stored there, like the mass the
> shapeshifter wasn't using.

Well, that's obviously what happened to your treasure, then; some
shapeshifter needed some extra mass!

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