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Thu Aug 31 08:52:06 EDT 2000

Hi all;

This is going to be one weird message as I have a lot of subjects and not much time. I'm hoping Social/Promo can carry the banner, so anyone not interested can delete immediately.

Social bit first-

I'm back from my travels - sort of! By which I mean I'm home from Darwin, Alice, Kalgoorlie and Cooee but now I have a mountain of work to do. I'm sort of semi lurking, but if anyone wants to contact me, I'm at my usual address.  

I've been reading some books by Rosemary Edgehill - she writes fantasy, whodunnit and Regency... what a mixture! "Met by Moonlight" was very interesting, and so are the three "Bast" detective novels. I've also indulged in a funny fantasy by Clair Cross - the heroine is an immortal Gypsy! Oh, and I read "Falling into Glory" by Robert Westall, "The Path of the She Wolf" by Teresa Tomlinson and the last of the Switchers trilogy by Kate Thompson - a rare run of good books.

Now to the Promo bit;

Meanwhile, I have new articles up at Suite 101 and my competition is running at while my mentor page is open at

I also have chapter excerpts up at NovelAdvice at (a comedy romance) and (a children's comedy fantasy).

Now I'll retire to the fastness (or whatever) and get on with the book I'm meant to be writing.


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