Off-topic: more Harry Potter/censorship stuff

Tanaqui tweaver at
Wed Aug 30 16:57:04 EDT 2000

+ What's next, electronically remove the British accents so
+ American children won't get confused?  :)

They usually recast so that they can fix more than the accents. _Red Dwarf_
had such an archetypal grungy curry-consuming Northern Brit as the human
protagonist, with a snooty butler-type android, that the plan was to ensure
Americans were never exposed to this inexplicable comedy in its original form.

Of course, the BBC replaced Vasquez's outburst in _Aliens_ with a British-
accented "I say we kill him" as the Spanish actress mouthed something along
the lines of "I say we waste the rat-fuck son-of-a-bitch right now". Silly. 

On the question of conservation of mass in shapeshifting, Odo and the rest of
the Dominion's Founders in _Deep Space 9_ don't do it. Something which usually
manifests as humaniform becoming a tiny bird in flight proves the point. The 
Star Trek franchise is usually pitched as SF.

Tanaqui, bearer of British Harry Potter versions to San Francisco. & Euro
         high-cocoa quality chocolate. & tasty cheddar variants. & a poor 
         filled baguette that was a bit of a mess after the Atlantic transit. 
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