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Wed Aug 30 14:22:32 EDT 2000

Paul said...
> >   I'm rather annoyed; I just read that the first Harry Potter movie
> > will have two different names; just like the book, it'll be The
> > Philosopher's Stone in the UK and the Sorcerer's Stone in the US.
> It's not just the name that will differ, from what I read; there will
> actually be two versions of the film matching the two versions of the
> book. (For instance, any scene with references to sneakers will be
> filmed twice, once with the reference changed to trainers.)
Silly Americans.  Actually, I have a penpal in the States who has asked me
to send her British-edition Harry Potter books, because she hates the
Americanisation of the US eds.
> > Similarly, I was babysitting the other day, and the girl I was with
> > decided to watch Sailor Moon, an anime about a young girl who saves
> > Japan and the world a lot, translated to English from the original
> > Japanese. . . they've just translated some new episodes, so this one
> > was new to me, but I knew the basis of the story: it focused on the
> > two newest scouts, Neptune and Uranus, who in the original story are
> > girlfriends.  Lovers.  In the US version, they're cousins.
> >
> > Why is this?
> In this case, I would guess it's because Sailor Moon is an animated
> series, and therefore (in the minds of American executives) a kids'
> show.

Which begs the immediate question, what is so wrong with kids seeing a
lesbian couple in the series?  I really hate this kind of idiocy; if kids
can see straight relationships, why can't they see gay ones?  The main
criterion *should* be whether this is a loving, trusting relationship, or
whether it is abusive and unpleasant.

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