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A fellow devotee of _Good Omens_ forwarded this to me, and since there
seems to be a lot of fans on this list, I thought I'd pass it on.


Subject: Good Omens


Gilliam To Helm Good Omens

Terry Gilliam (Brazil) is in line to co-write and direct Good Omens,
an SF feature film based on the novel of the same name by Terry
Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, the director told the IGN FilmForce Web
site. Gilliam will reportedly begin the movie after he wraps The Man
Who Killed Don Quixote in Spain, IGN reported.

Gilliam told IGN that contracts for the project have been signed. "A
British company, Renaissance Films, are handing over some money to us
to write it and hopefully make it after this one," Gilliam said. "It's
a good tale. The book is probably the 11th most-talked-about sci-fi
book. I don't know that it's really sci-fi, but it involves the
Antichrist. The angel from the Garden of Eden and the serpent from the
Garden of Eden have now, thousands of years later, grown to like
humanity kind of like a couple of diplomats to some banana republic,
and they've been away from their home countries for a very long time,
and they've gone a bit native."

Gilliam added, "Unfortunately, the Antichrist has been delivered, and
the whole place is going to come to an end in a few days, and they
really don't want it to happen." Good Omens was first published in
1990. Gaiman and Pratchett wrote a draft of a screenplay back in 1991.

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