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>Similarly, I was babysitting the other day, and the girl I was with decided to watch Sailor Moon, an anime about a young girl who saves Japan and the world a lot, translated to English from the original Japanese. . . they've just translated some new episodes, so this one was new to me, but I knew the basis of the story: it focused on the two newest scouts, Neptune and Uranus, who in the original story are girlfriends.  Lovers.  In the US version, they're cousins.

Ah.  This is a long tradition.  I watched an episode of Speed Racer the
other day that had a similar problem.  In it, the bad guy (a woman actually)
was blown up with the Speedster's rocket.  Big boom.  You never see the
resulting carnage, and the dubbers are sure that the Speedster (sorry about
that, I have no idea how he's actually referred to) shouts "Good thing she
jumped out and is arrested now".  No WAY she survived that.  And his VISUAL
attitude is one of absolute triumph with a little anger in it so you KNOW
that isn't how it really happened.

I hate that.

Jacob Proffitt
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