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Wed Aug 30 00:03:29 EDT 2000

  I'm rather annoyed; I just read that the first Harry Potter movie will have two different names; just like the book, it'll be The Philosopher's Stone in the UK and the Sorcerer's Stone in the US. (If anyone's curious, it's an article on the actors who'll play Harry, Ron, and Hermione:  I have a friend who gets mad at these things: she insists that the entertainment industry thinks that the public is an idiot, and since we let them we're to blame for all the bad thigns we get.  I'm beginning to agree with her.

Similarly, I was babysitting the other day, and the girl I was with decided to watch Sailor Moon, an anime about a young girl who saves Japan and the world a lot, translated to English from the original Japanese. . . they've just translated some new episodes, so this one was new to me, but I knew the basis of the story: it focused on the two newest scouts, Neptune and Uranus, who in the original story are girlfriends.  Lovers.  In the US version, they're cousins.

Why is this?  It makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel like a twelve year old who's just been told she has to go to bed at seven.  I've grown past this; I'm not that young, I'm not so stupid that I can't deal with figuring out what a philosopher's stone is (and that way at least learning some genuine lore), and I'm not so shallow that I can't at least accept alternative lifestyles.  Right now I'm so annoyed with my country I'm thinking of packing up and moving someplace a lot more liberal.


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