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Tue Aug 29 19:52:19 EDT 2000

I find it hard to isolate favourite books so here's some favourite 
stuff, I'll try to avoid spoilers.

I like Barrayer for the whole rational liberal Cordelia meets 
incomprehensibly prudish and rule bound Barrayans. And for the bit 
with the head in the shopping bag.

Brothers in Arms was the first that I read, until then I'd been put off 
by the covers. I particularly like Miles unstoppably quoting Richard 
III at Galeni. Incidentaly a friend who subscribes to a Blake's 7 
website says that Duv Galeni was modelled on B7s Avon, though 
he has a life of his own these days. A few days later when I got 
confused about whether someone was writing about the B7 Avon or 
Heyer's Duke, my jaw dropped and I decided the parallels were 
surely too close for coincidence....................

Mirror Dance is quite sublime and very close to the bone.

Best tearjerking moment, in Memory, when the miserable Miles 
revisits Silvy vale and they have his picture on the classroom wall. 
Close runner up The Mountains of Mourning itself.

Best farce, the dinner party at Vorkosigan House in A Civil 
Campaign, nuff said no spoilers.

Best acts of military stupidity, The Vor Game, especially Miles' 
near drowning in the bog.

Komarr has the most well contrived "hero is innocent of wrong 
doing but seems horrendously guilty" scenario, see also A Civil 

Favourite character after the dwarf himself and Zap the cat goes to 
Ivan. I love the way he makes everyone underestimate him. he's a 
slitherer outer like Howl. I think of him as Miles' control -- the usual 
kind of young Vor.

Favourite rose eating horse -- Fat Ninny.


You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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