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+ edifices like the House Absolute in Wolfe's Book of the 
+ New Sun or even a place which coexists and intertwines with 
+ another reality like Toontown in Roger Rabbit. 

I think the House Absolute does this, as much as our interwoven thread
in the tapestry of time, Mr. New Sun. The players certainly have trouble
with the borders of the House Absolute, which fades out into the world(s)
and contains the Secret House, which gives access through the mirrors to
the universe and through that Book to the other Sephir's range. 

(though I don't think we find out about Yesod and Sephiroth and what the 
angel represents until the coda, _The Urth of the New Sun_).

McCaffrey's a difficult one to call, yes: dragons and feudal society but
the dragons are bioengineered and the feudalists were originally colonists
from the type of galactic body seen elsewhere in her novels. I think she
started to suffer from the integrative syndrome seen in Asimov &c...

I think this was more what Heinlein was doing with Lazarus: incorporating,
rather than moving on. It's not quite the same as rewriting and requesting
that people ditch the previous version.

+ Then there is their complement, the ones where 
+ people think they're on a world and its actually a spaceship). 

 I liked Heinlein's take on this, and loved the Long Sun books.

I think your definition of sf and High Fantasy makes a lot of sense, now
that I've seen more of it |-). Using book-learning and methodology vs.
world-pictures established in story is a pretty cool division. It reminds me
of John Crowley segregating the modern-human world of the "light" senses vs.
more primitive "dark" senses of the leos in _Beasts_: 

"The bright senses, sight and hearing, make a world patent and ordered, a
world of reason, fragile but lucid. The dark senses, smell and taste and touch,
create a world of felt wisdom, without a plot, unarticulated but certain."


Whispering lunar incantations/ Dissolve the floors of memory
& all its clear relations, /Its divisions and precisions           T.S. Eliot
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