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Apologies if a half-baked message was sent (my connection crashed at a 
critical juncture).

+ I'd definitely class Milton as a sci/fi writer, the science involved being 
+ theology.  

Yes, indeed. You mention Pullman's _His Dark Materials_ set: of course, it
uses Milton as a starting point (the poetic excerpt gives us the series' title).

I have a little chapbook distributed at Lexicon (an SF con in Oxford), which
has a chapter excerpt from _The Amber Spyglass_ with Iorek and Will beautifully
presented in a cover which has all the chapter headings printed across it.

There are a couple of different excerpts on

Roll on November: I shall be perusing the acknowledgements closely.

+ (By the way: I'd be really interested in sci/fi whose science was theology 
+ or alchemy, something that no longer gets compartamentalized under science 
+ nowadays.  

The chemicals in _The Ogre Downstairs_ are quite fun, but petros. philos. is
a passing joke. John Crowley's _Little, Big_ has a wonderful mage called
Ariel Hawksquill who uses the Art of Memory as a hermetic-scientific tool. In
AEgypt, Crowley has started to use Dr Dee and alchemical/theological theory
- but, frustratingly, only half the book is available. _AEgypt_ is a truly
wonderful opener, and _Love & Sleep_ a faintly disappointing second book,
and the third keeps receding and being retitled (Demonomania? Demonolagnia?).
There should someday be a fourth. hmm.

"There were angels in the glass, two four six many of them ..." 

Not that _His Dark Materials_ didn't suffer from having a slightly inferior
second volume (feeling very much like the bridging book of a trilogy) and a
receding publishing date for the third: but at least it concludes in #3.

And at least I know that Pullman finished #3: however reluctant he was to
let it go until he was happy with it.

I'm not quite sure where Pullman is going with the "moral outlook" of the
set: I will find out when I get to read the published version of #3.


little teasers: also at Lexicon, Pullman mentioned how he's catching up with
his fantasy reading - meaning to start on EarthSea any day now (he was on a
panel in Oxford with DWJ a while back, about children's lit)... and how he's
been taking classes in visual depiction, so he's tempted to start a Graphic
Novel as his next project...

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