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Mon Aug 28 14:10:23 EDT 2000

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Kyla Tornheim wrote:

> Well, *my* first thought was _Master Rosalind_ by John and Patricia
> Beatty, which has been discussed here before. It's a great book,
> anyway.

I'm acquiring quite a list - will have to wait until I go to London
again, though, because Dutch libraries don't have that sort of thing
(what the juvenile department has in English is the obvious
children's classics, some simplified adult classics, and a few
problem books). If they have them at all, they're usually translated
very badly.

I think it's the Geoffrey Trease thing Becca mentioned, though,
because the name Kit rings a bell.

> So why is the Elizabethan time period so popular, and why does
> everyone think that every girl who runs away from home would become a
> player in Shakespeare's company? Rhetorical, no need to answer.

I'll make a stab at it anyway :-)  Possibly because of the
boy-playing-girl-role theme, that makes it easy for a girl to get
away with being a boy. 


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