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On Sun, 27 Aug 2000, Irina Rempt wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Lizzie wrote:
> > Just to go a little more off topic: does anybody else really love books
> > where girls disguise themselves as boys?
> Yes! My favourite in high school was something I don't remember the
> author or title of, where an Elizabethan girl disguised herself as a
> boy in order to run away with a troupe of players and play the girl
> parts (that is, a girl disguised as a boy disguised as a girl; I
> think most of the other players never knew she was a real girl).
> Anyone know which book I mean? I bought _Plots and Players_ in hopes
> that might be it, but it wasn't.
Well, *my* first thought was _Master Rosalind_ by John and Patricia
Beatty, which has been discussed here before. It's a great book,
anyway. So why is the Elizabethan time period so popular, and why does
everyone think that every girl who runs away from home would become a
player in Shakespeare's company? Rhetorical, no need to answer.

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