Eight Days of Luke & Harry Potter

Tony Fox tonyfox at beeb.net
Sun Aug 27 16:19:45 EDT 2000

 I was wondering if I could impose
> on those of you who live in the UK to reccomend a few good schools for me.
> I'm planning on going abroad for my junior year in college (2001-2002) and
> want to go to the UK, but I don't know much about your colleges.  I've
> looked at the obvious ones, and Oxford appeals to me, but I don't want to
> limit myself.  So you know, I've got very good grades, I'm quite good at
> literature type things, and I'm double majoring in English and religion.
> any of you know of a good university with a program that might be good for
> me, I'd really appreciate just being pointed in the right direction.
> you thank you thank you.

Many moons ago I studied English at the Unioversity of Leeds (not to be
confused with the Leeds Metropolitan University) As far as I know it's still
a good department and Leeds is a good city to live in.


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