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> You're so right.  I should go out and get me one of them careers right now
>  so I can fulfil my full potential as a woman.  Four kids in six years?  How
>  very...monomaniacal...of me.  :)
>  Melissa Proffitt
>  - --
Hey Melissa, I second your opinions. (I had four in 4 1/2 years -- and seven 
in almost 11 years -- but I was a CPA first -- do I get some points for that? 

All work that is done, should be done out of love.
Then it ceases to be difficult, or boring, or embarrassing.
Even a cup or a plate can be washed with devotion until they shine,
out of aspiration for  perfection and completion.
Rav A.Y. HaCohen Kook
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