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<< Space opera?  It's one of those terms like Fantasy or Science Fiction that
are used often enough, but really hard to nail down to a definition.  Mostly
because nobody bothers to define them before rushing on and using them.  I
take the meaning to be those over-wrought space-oriented fiction books that
span light-years and involve convoluted plots and strong personalities with
much melodrama thrown in for spice.  Bleh. >>

No, no. "Space Opera" is to Science Fiction what "horse opera" (aka Westerns) 
is to cinema. Fast moving, smart talking, action/adventure fare, stylized and 
with a recognizable connection to an internal mythology. Often violent, not 
necessarily deep and leave the existencial angst in the checkroom. A 
recognizable sub-genre. (Classic example; Star Wars). Mind candy.
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