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kylie.preisig at police.wa.gov.au kylie.preisig at police.wa.gov.au
Fri Aug 25 04:24:49 EDT 2000

I really like Heinlein.  And and actually prefer his over-one-inch-thick
books to his juveniles.

I _don't_ agree with a lot of his views but I can look at those irritating
bits and say to myself "yes, he's being racist/sexist here, but that's his
view, and I needn't let it influence me at all".  He wrote darn good stories
if you don't let his views get to you.

Spider Robinson is another writer that I feel that way about.  I also really
disagree with some of his opinions and that used to bother me.  I guess I
was influenced by a sense of inferiority because I thought if anyone has got
a book published then their opinions must be worth listening to.  Then I
decided that was garbage!  I now read Heinlein and Robinson for the good
bits and ignore the opinions I don't agree with.  I count those bits as
educational - realising that there are people out there that really think
that is how the world is/should be!


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