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Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:
> While we're on the subject (and off the topic... :), I was wondering if
> other people had favorite books in that series, and what they were and
> why.

Hands down, it's Mirror Dance. I know most people find it dark and
creepy but I worship it. It should have gotten a Hugo. The
characterization was so in depth and perfect and I happen to like Mark,
and his black gang. I have one myself. It's such a real book. No one's
perfect, everyone fails at something, that sort of thing. It brings
together so much stuff from other books, too. It had me in tears half
the time, often while feeling like I was going to throw up from the
sheer intensity  of it (some of DWJs books take me like that too), and
the rest of the time I was muffling laughter. All my favourite
characters are in it; Simon Illyan, Gregor, Ivan, and of course Bel. I
worship Bel and this book has all its greatest moments, even if the
ending was really sad for it. But since most of that is made a moot
point after Memory, well. ~shrugs and sniffs faintly~ But really,
besides Mirror Dance, picking a specific favourite would be so hard. I
adore them all so much, even the ones no one else seems to like much,
like Falling Free and Ethan of Athos.

Slightly on topic, or not, the reason I started reading DWJ was because
the friend who recommended Bujold to me raved constantly about how
marvelous this chap named Chrestomanci was. There aren't many authors
who I'll buy anything they write and read their stuff over and over and
over again. DWJ and Bujold are two of the three who fall into that
group. The other one is Terry Pratchett. I'm not sure what I'm trying to
say. Er, just trying to contribute.

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