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In message < at pop.corplink.com.au>, Robyn Starke
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>Just to add my 2cents worth (in Australian currency worth about 1 cent), I 
>read the Miles books in the order I could get my hands on them when I first 
>got LMB addicted thanks to the comments on this list, and I think that the 
>books suffer a lot less than many series from this treatment because they 
>are all pretty complete stories in themselves. So if you can't acquire them 
>in order quickly enough, you won't really wreck anything by reading them 
>out of order. 

I agree with this... the first one I ever read was Brothers in Arms, and I
read the others in an order that could only be called random.  I've reread
them in many different orders, and I learn new things about the characters
and the world every time.

>Also, I must say, I never would have coped with MIrror Dance 
>if I hadn't read a later book first.

Really?  I managed okay with Mirror Dance... possibly because I didn't
have much confidence in Mark but I did have confidence in the other
characters being able to fix things... (and I *really* liked the end scene
in the ballroom! :)  The one I wouldn't have got through without
encouragement was Memory; I kept giving it up near the beginning with all
of the voices in my head screaming in concert at Miles:  "No!  No that's
stupid that's dumb you're gonna... when are you going to learn to listen
to Ellie!"  :P

In my case, the encouragement was that I had promised myself I wouldn't
read Komarr until I finished Memory, and I was *dying* to know who the
woman on the front cover looking at Miles was... ;)

While we're on the subject (and off the topic... :), I was wondering if
other people had favorite books in that series, and what they were and

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