Gordon Korman, Girls dressed like Boys

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Thu Aug 24 08:58:21 EDT 2000

Paul wrote:

>May I take this opportunity to say that I didn't much like Son of
>Interflux, apart from the bits with the camels.
>My favourite is probably the one about the kid who keeps trying to
>escape from summer camp.

I liked Son of Interflux, but I don't think it's one of his top books.  I
love the camels too, and the insane art teacher.  My favorite line of the
book comes from him:  "It was then that I discovered that penguin tastes a
lot like chicken if you do the batter right." I loved I Want to Go Home
(the summer camp one) too. My particular favorite is A Semester in the Life 
of a Garbage Bag. According to Amazon, Korman's got a couple of new books
coming out at the end of the year. 

One of my favorite books that we read in my English Lit class freshman
year at college was "Silence" a 13th or 14th century French poem about a
woman who dresses like a boy, slays dragons, meets Merlin, and marries a
King (once her disguise is revealed).  I really enjoyed it.  Anyone else
ever read it?  There are a lot of 16th and 17th century Spanish works that
also feature women in male clothing, but not any to recommend :) (at least
not in my present state of over-saturation; I need to take those stupid


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