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On Wed, 23 Aug 2000 14:07:07 -0400 (EDT), alexandra.bolintineanu at utoronto.ca

>Yesterday I picked up a copy of A Civil Campaign in my local Chapters
>bookstore and only regained awareness of reality some one and a half hours
>later, mid-way through the book, when I had to go home and eat.  I am, as
>a result, contemplating a LMB binge.  Any advice on how to best go about

Step 1: Provide food and drink for yourself.  The quantities will vary based
on how fast a reader you are and how willing you are to go without sleep.

Step 2: Try to amass all the books so you will not have to leave the house
to procure more.  Bookstores don't like serving disheveled, obviously
reality-deprived people on a binge, especially if those people are muttering
to themselves, as you undoubtedly will be at that point.

Step 3: Put the books in your preferred reading order, either internal
chronological order or publication order.  (The third option would be to
read them randomly or in alphabetical order, but how much fun would that
be?)  I recommend internal chronological order, though it is fun to read
some of the books as prequels instead, see how the universe evolved.  I'm
including original publication dates just in case (I think these are right).

(Falling Free) (1988)
Shards of Honor (June 1986)
Barrayar (1991)
The Warrior's Apprentice (Aug. 1986)
"The Mountains of Mourning" (1989)
The Vor Game (1990 in pb, earlier for the hardcover limited edition)
Cetaganda (Jan. 1996)
(Ethan of Athos) (1986)
"Labyrinth" (1989)
"The Borders of Infinity" (1987)
Brothers in Arms (1989)
Mirror Dance (1994)
Memory (Oct. 1996)
Komarr (1998)
A Civil Campaign (1999)

Note 1--Titles in parentheses take place in the Miles Vorkosigan universe
but are not part of the series.

Note 2--Titles in "" are short stories found in the book _Borders of
Infinity_.  The frame story in this book takes place between _Brothers in
Arms_ and _Mirror Dance_.

Note 3--Some of the earlier books have been reprinted in omnibus form.
_Shards of Honor_ and _Barrayar_ are in _Cordelia's Honor_.  _The Warrior's
Apprentice_ and _The Vor Game_ are in _Young Miles_.

Step 4:  Take the phone off the hook and tell your friends you're going out
of town for a while.

Step 5: Read, but don't forget to come up for air sometimes.

Melissa Proffitt
(impressed that Alexandra was able to stop in the MIDDLE for something as
trivial as food)
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