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Wed Aug 23 14:09:08 EDT 2000

Anita wrote
> Confirmed. No US style fire hydrants. Suitable water outlets are available 
> and usually marked with a large H nearby,
I guess from the address that Anita is from Australia. We do it this 
way in the UK too.  All you see is a little metal plate in the 
pavement. You need a special tool to turn the water on, firemen 
have these and council workers. When I worked on an 
archaeological site in Colchester we had one in order to water the 
site and bring the colours up for photographs. US fire hydrants have 
long been a source of puzzlement.  Tho'  I've mostly sorted this out 
can anyone explain this business of people playing in the water 
from fountaining fire hydrants in hot weather? Do they break them 
or do they just turn them on illicitly? And I'm sure the UK version 
wouldn't fountain, only spurt.

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