Heinlein (off-topic)

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Wed Aug 23 10:12:23 EDT 2000

I think this was Jennifer (though I never received the original message,
just lizzie's comprehensive inclusion of it).
+ > then there's Heinlein; I like his style, and I don't disagree with his
+ > baldly-stated opinions, which are usually the objections people have to
+ > his books.  

I would be fascinated to see you justify the whorish-women claims in 
_Glory Road_. Our world does not practice female prostitution disguised as
marriage (at least, not in the terms used in the book - one could possibly
make a case over arranged marriages). Even when women were legally property
once married, the claims do not work: given Heinlein's contemporary American
context, they are preposterous. It's a semi-funny idea, and if it had been
a throwaway line, I'd just ignore it. Instead, it's several pages of Heinlein
exposition as Glory and her hired sword proceed through the fantastic land.

I'm not going to quibble over untested ideas like enfranchisement only for
veterans (though I'm not going to defend that book), but faced with bald 
nonsense, I find the reading provokes me as much as some early-morning TV 
talking-head spouting tosh.

If not more. I tend to turn off the telly much faster, and engage with the
written word reflexively. 

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