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Wed Aug 23 09:13:05 EDT 2000

Paul Andinach wrote:
> May I take this opportunity to say that I didn't much like Son of
> Interflux, apart from the bits with the camels.
> My favourite is probably the one about the kid who keeps trying to
> escape from summer camp.

Wow. DWJ-fans really are a well read group! I, as a loyal Canadian, was
a great fan of Gordon Korman in my elemntary school days from the moment
I read the book Paul mentions above, "I Want to Go Home" one of the only
books I've actually laughed out loud during, and got glared at during
church for. Kormans stuff is nowhere near DWJ standards and he tends to
use stereotypes in his early books but what do you expect from a guy
who's first book was published when he was in grade seven.

Oh yes, to make this slightly more on-topic, I work at a used bookstore
and my employer recently read "Deep Secret". While she hunts around for
more DWJ to read, she has a question: Is Tim Wynne-Jones related to
Diana in any way? A son? Brother? Cousin? Wierd coincidence?

One more then I'm done, really. I have now aquired two copies of "Witch
Week". The first one is a rather dog-eared edition put out by some
American publisher I can't remember the name of. In it, the classroom is
2B. I recently bought a newer copy though (always need spares) and this
one says the classroom is 2Y. It's the copy that has "The Worlds of
Chestromanci" and the title on the cover with a circular hole so you can
see a part of the picture that takes up the next page. This seems a
really strange alteration to do. Does anyone know why?

Ingrid, back from holidays
-- Home of Canada for World
Domination and the Temple of Bel Thorne.

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