SF books (was: Re: Many subjects (very long) )

Parks Family bill-sarah at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 23 00:39:31 EDT 2000

Parks Family wrote:
it puts me as Parks Family?  That's so funny!  I can't wait--two weeks and
I'll be back at school with my own account.

> > I'm not much for sf at this point in my life, but when I was about
> > ten, I loved a series of books called the Time Wars books by Simon
> > Hawke.  Just wondering if anyone else had ever read them. . .
> Read those in high school. I loved them, even when the temporal theory
> was dodgy and the plots had holes you could sail a nuclear submarine
> through. :)
yes, and they did, in book five if I remember correctly. . . . :)

I still reccomend them, if anyone's looking for a bit of fun. . . and if you
would, buy a copy; they've been reissued and Hawke says that if they sell
he'll write more.


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