A Tale of Time City

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Wed Aug 23 00:32:33 EDT 2000

On DWJ's endings:

they do end suddenly, but they all end well.  I had trouble with this at
first; I used to write little sequel bits to the books, just to try and give
myself more. . . closure, I guess.  Unfortunately, I did this while I was
about fourteen and going through my sweet valley high teen romance phase,
and ended up writing horrid love stories--one about Milly and Christopher
(who I think of as Clistoffer, not Chrestomanci, because of the mermaid
thing) and one about Vivian and Jonathan from ToTC.  I wince to think about
them now.  Oh, they were bad.


> Neil wrote:
> > I thought the ending was bizarre.  It read like it had been rounded up
> > hastily, so that DWJ could shove the final manuscript in the postbox
> > the publisher's deadline.  I considered the possibility that the reader
> > supposed to be left feeling that there ought to be something on the next
> > page in order to imply that time has no firm end.  But then decided I
> > being too analytical...
> Actually, I find this is a feature of quite a lot of DWJ's work.  Sudden
> Magic has this very noticeably, and nonetheless manages to be my favourite
> I think that what DWJ is doing is building up tension in a lot of
> which are all going to fall into place at the end.  And when they do, the
> tension is released rather rapidly.  But, it works!
> Philip.

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