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Tue Aug 22 22:49:19 EDT 2000

> >I've been forcing myself through 17th century Spanish lit all month and I
> >could really use a good laugh.  I know humor is very subjective, but does
> >anyone have any suggestions for a few good books (any genre0 that you
> >think are really funny?
> >Thanks

There's a Canadian children's author named Gordon Korman who I think
probably makes me laugh aloud more than most others.  A lot of his stuff's
rather young, but there are a few (hard to find) young adult (god, I hate
that category!) ones that are worth digging up from the bowels of the
library.  So to speak: "Son of Interflux," "A Semester In the Life of a
Garbage Bag."  Those are probably the best.  I might also reccomend, if you
like silly mystery type books, Sparkle Hayter's Robin Hudson series.  And of
course there is little in that genre that can beat early Elizabeth Peters
Amelia Peabody books.  But that's been said before.


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