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Anita Graham amgraham at
Tue Aug 22 22:23:01 EDT 2000

At 09:48  23-08-00 +0800, Paul Andinach wrote:

>On reflection, I imagine we have something that serves the function of
>fire hydrants, but I've never seen any of those metal things on the
>sidewalk that I associate with fire hydrants from watching Sesame
>Street in my youth.
>I don't know how widespread this lack of fire hydrants is. I'm pretty
>sure there's none in my home city (this may or may not have anything
>to do with the fact that Kalgoorlie is out in the middle of a desert
>and all the water is piped in from the coast), but anywhere else I've
>been I might just have been to the wrong parts of town, or not been
>paying attention.

Confirmed. No US style fire hydrants. Suitable water outlets are available 
and usually marked with a large H nearby,


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