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In message <002f01c00c92$2c781680$e25a5240 at computer>, "Parks Family" writes:
>appelation in public.  I could go on and on. . . i already have. . . theory
>this: a nickname gives you part of a person.  Joe's got a lot of friends, a
>lot of
>family, but there's part of him that's Joesy and that part is mine,
>belonging only
>to me, devoted solely to me.  Having a nickname for somebody, and them
>having one for you, sort of gives you your own nickname frequency; everybody
>else relates to him on the Joe frequency, but he and I have a private Joesy
>bandwidth or whatever, a chat room if you will.  In any case. . . I've been
>wanting to say that.  I like it how when I write something it solidifies in

That's definately the best justification/explanation I've ever seen for
nicknames.  I like that theory. :)

>medication.  Which brings me to a general sort of question:  why are they
>wisdom teeth?  Any dentists out there?  Oh, I'm so off topic now, I'm never
>going to get back on. . . . best to just end it. . . . . .

The reason behind wisdom teeth is supposedly that on the days before this
toothbrushing fad, people would have lost their first set of molars to
decay by the time their wisdom teeth grew in... and having them grow in
would be a sign of age and therefore possibly wisdom, I expecct.

>lizzie (I've tried to keep the lines from running on. . . tell me how it
>worked. . . )

Er.  It's only sort of worked.  You can see above that most lines trail
onto the next by 5-10 characters... and I edited out the blank lines after
every line for brevity's sake when quoting your mail.  If you are using an
automatic function of your mail client, you should probably set it to 80
characters per line, as that's fairly standard.


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