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Tue Aug 22 19:52:14 EDT 2000

> >(Voice in Paul's head: Why don't you give up mailing lists and message
> > forums, then?
> > Second voice in Paul's head: That's different.
> > Voice in Paul's head: Is it? How?
> > Second voice in Paul's head: I've never completely lost control of
> > what I let out on a message forum.
> > Voice in Paul's head: That's debatable.
> > Third voice in Paul's head: Psst - you're gathering an audience.
> > [Voice in Paul's head wanders off behind parietal lobe, looking
> > smug.])

Ooh, lucky, you've only got three. . . .

> >> And even now I read while walking places (if you've never barked
> >> your shins on a fire hydrant and then apologized to it for running
> >> into it you're missing out on valuable reading time!)
> >
> >We don't have fire hydrants here. :)

I can't resist. . . you don't have fire hydrants?  Where?  Why is this?  I
mean, we don't have any in my neighborhood, but do you mean there as in
where you live specifically or there as in general, like a whole country or
hemisphere or something full of no fire hydrants?  I know this is very
strange but I'm quite curious now.

> 1. Reading with gloves on is very hard, and it's harder in the snow of a
> Boston winter

Yeah, Boston!  I go to school in West Mass, and I read at the bus stops in
the winter months. . . you have to layer gloves, and just take turns wearing
only the thin ones on one hand so you can a) flip the page and b) use your

> 2. Reading in the rain dissolves your book (I have not actually tried
> this exercise in book abuse)

Anyone else read in the shower?

> >> And to be an opinionated minority, I now want to loudly declare that
> >> I *loved* A Tale of Time City and I thought the world there was just
> >> wonderful.  ;)
> >

Me, too.

> And now I shall insert a SPOILER WARNING.

So. . . the problem with Vivian is that she had loads of those chronons (I
think that's what they were called, and I'm too lazy to run upstairs and go
dig out the book and look), and the reason she had them was a) she was from
history and so had them naturally and b) the guardian from the Tor had
wrapped more around her for help.  Is this right?  I'm a little fuzzy on
this, but I seem to remember that's what happened.  He talks at one point
about how he tried to summon help by running back and wrapping time around
somebody, and only Vivian showed up. . . so that's why she was such a big
problem, because of those extra chronons.


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