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Tue Aug 22 19:39:09 EDT 2000

> PS: I loved the inscription on the organ in Terry Pratchetts "Carpe
> though. Like: "Come, Chiltren ov ze Darrk, Listen to ze musick ov de

I've just been reaading "Carpe Jugulum;" I'm halfway through and still

up every time he does the "we never drink. . . wine" thing because that's my

absolute favorite line from a horror movie ever.  BELA LUGOSI RULES!

I want to catch up a bit; I've been really out of it lately.  I happen to
have the

most wonderful cat in the world.  Her name is Tiamat and she originated, it

seemed, in a dumpster behind a McDonald's.  I named her for the Babylonian

goddess of chaos, and I admit that I came across that name in Bruce

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. . . . I was fourteen at the time and had

been reading it to my baby brother.  Most people call her Tia; my dad

call her by a name, but by a gesture--he points his finger like a gun and
makes a

shooting noise.  By this she knows to run away.  My brother calls her

my mom often calls her "YOUR cat."  I call her Tia, Tiamat, Tia-Cat, Tia-

Kitten, and a variety of embarrassing girly nicknames like Baby Doll and

Angelface.  I'm a nickname person.  I never call people who are really

important to me by their actual name.  My mom's Muz, my brother Rob is D

(short for Dorkface, which he answers to), my father's Daddy, but nobody

calls him that--I think it's because I'm the only girl and my brothers are
too cool

for that.  My. . . um. . . special friend Joe recently got a little miffed
at me

because I slipped and called him Joesy in public.  I'm not supposed to use

appelation in public.  I could go on and on. . . i already have. . . theory

this: a nickname gives you part of a person.  Joe's got a lot of friends, a
lot of

family, but there's part of him that's Joesy and that part is mine,
belonging only

to me, devoted solely to me.  Having a nickname for somebody, and them

having one for you, sort of gives you your own nickname frequency; everybody

else relates to him on the Joe frequency, but he and I have a private Joesy

bandwidth or whatever, a chat room if you will.  In any case. . . I've been

wanting to say that.  I like it how when I write something it solidifies in

mind.  Please bear with me; I know my grammar and such has been a little

funny, but I've just had my wisdom teeth out, and I'm blaming it all on the

medication.  Which brings me to a general sort of question:  why are they

wisdom teeth?  Any dentists out there?  Oh, I'm so off topic now, I'm never

going to get back on. . . . best to just end it. . . . . .

lizzie (I've tried to keep the lines from running on. . . tell me how it
worked. . . )

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