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Hi Becca,
              I've realised my terrible mistake................... basically I 
thought you were 10 on the fourteenth not , ahem fourteen on the 
tenth. Then, when I saw the first messages, because of my dodgy 
monitor, I posted in haste, without checking my parameters, before 
the screen  could start scrolling again................. 

I remember thinking I'd thought you were older, your posts being so 
mature and well written and all but then, as you said you hadn't 
posted for a while. Anyhow I know what a terrible thing I did! I had a 
Great Aunt who sent me pastel cards with animals wearing clothes 
on for a very long time after I was five.

The monitor died completely last night, but thanks to a friend who 
runs an adoption service for second hand bits of tech, I've got 
another one, phew! Remember what I said about going to my dad's 
being a test of my new e mail habit? It was nothing compared to 
having my monitor die by inches while I was trying to read the last 
DWJ digest. Especially when I'd realised the terrible mistake and 
couldn't do anything about it.

I like the urban fantasy, medieval and other stuff threasd, I'll get 
back to you all soon.  
You are trapped in that bright moment when you turned fourteen?
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