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Yes, I think that Janet is from the late 20th century. From memory, doesn't 
she ask Cat who the King is? He replies Charles VII (interesting 
alternative history strand there), and she says something like 'what no 
Georges?' Cat also has to explain her clothing to her as well, so at least 
Janet comes from a time with a more modern design in knickers (!) (Though 
as she doesn't mention Queen Elizabeth, she could be from pre 1952, 
although I don't think so. Her language seems more modern.)
In Witch Week, Chrestomanci states that his ward (ie Janet) comes from a 
very similar world, and we are clearly shown a modern setting in WW.
The 'Dear Replacement' worlds we are shown in CL all seem to be at 
different rates of development. As Amaya says, if a world's got a lot of 
magic, maybe it doesn't need to develop technology?

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> > > Why do you think they are contemporary? (And I'd better reread
> > > Charmed Life, I'd guess.)
> > Not sure exactly. I'm pretty sure Janet's from the late twentieth
> > century, and I consider that indicative, ditto the cast of Witch Week;
> > but whether there's any definite statements to the effect, I can't
> > remember offhand.
> I rather thought that implication was that although history progressed at
> the same rate in each world that the technology in the magic based world had
> not progressed as fast as our "own world" (ie Janet's) as their was not the
> need since magic overruled the need for technology.
> Considering from Janet's description of her world it seems to be late 20th
> century style living and Janet's brother provided the void for Cat's life
> then you'd presume they're the same timelines with different rates of
> invention
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