Harry Potter seguing to magical universities

Jill Wadsworth jill at e-z.net
Fri Aug 11 20:38:36 EDT 2000

Bettina wrote:

> I'm no real historian, but Guilds are of course a subject of Legal
History, too.
> And you're absolutely right. Other aims were (in the beginnig) security
for the
> members, the Guilds functioning as sort of insurances, taking care of
widows and
> children and that and putting up standrads for the work (and keeping
> tricks and secrets). Later, when the economic situation became more
> the Guilds where "shutting up", not allowing new people to enter, in order
> make sure the competition was kept small and under control.

So does this mean Guilds were a primitive version of Unions?

Jill Wadsworth (delurking briefly)

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