Middle Ages, Dark Ages and pre-modern "straight" fantasy

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<< But the big question is, WHY?  Why should epic fantasy have a 
setting? >>

I suspect because the stuff of epic is the stuff of legend. In order to 
maximise the grandeur of Legend, things always seem to happen in the "elder 
days" usually in an outright different "age" of the world. Some period 
untainted by the squalor of these lesser times.

And Urban Fantasy is set in modern times because it has to deal with all the 
footling  pettiness of that same workaday world and, regardless of the stakes 
involved, is always somewhat diminished and tarnished by the contact. For one 
thing there is always something laughable about it lurking in the background 
which frequently sticks its oar in at inopertune moments. Rather like urban 

>>By your logic, this makes Magicians of Caprona an urban fantasy, simply on 
basis of its modern setting.  I won't dispute this - it is set in a city, 
all - but it's not what most people mean when they say urban fantasy!

No. Magicians of Caprona is an alternate world story. A very well developed 
alternate world. That's about the only way to avoid the irrellevancy aspect 
of an urban fantasy, which tend to never be quite "real".

>>ISTR a desert conveniently placed not far from California, too...

Mojave. And a pretty brutal desert at that. Death Valley is out there in the 
middle of it.

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