Middle Ages, Dark Ages and pre-modern "straight" fantasy

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<< I'd like to see some straight fantasy with a world technologically and
culturally at least as modern as ours.  >>

But then it would be called "Urban Fantasy". Actually it is "classic", "epic" 
fantasy which seems to be legally required to be set in some vaguely medeavil 
era. i.e., Tolklones. 

Er, "pre-modern" hardly implies a mere 80 or so years back. That term sounds 
more like another way of  saying pre-industrial, actually. 

And, now that I think of it, haven't several juvenile fantasy writers set 
stories into pre-industrial but post-renaissance periods? I know Lloyd 
Alexender has at least one trilogy set there and I am sure that he isn't the 
only one. (I gather that Dalemark is set in an incomplete analog of this 
world's 17th century Netherlands, and Ingary seems very similar, although 
perhaps 18th century and farther south is closer.) And someone already 
mentioned Barbara Hambly's Dog Wizard books. 

Very interesting about the effects of technology outstriping science. We tend 
to think of the two as synonymous, and they aren't at all.
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