Harry Potter seguing to magical universities

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Thu Aug 10 06:14:28 EDT 2000

Courtney M Eckhardt schrieb:

> Oh, how true!  Gosh, I'm not sure why I didn't remember that- and I just
> re-read God Stalk recently...  Actually, I was under the impression that
> that sort of secrecy and politicking is what Guilds were all about whne
> Guilds were the professional societies... will one of the historians in
> the house correct me if I'm wrong?

I'm no real historian, but Guilds are of course a subject of Legal History, too.
And you're absolutely right. Other aims were (in the beginnig) security for the
members, the Guilds functioning as sort of insurances, taking care of widows and
children and that and putting up standrads for the work (and keeping professional
tricks and secrets). Later, when the economic situation became more difficult,
the Guilds where "shutting up", not allowing new people to enter, in order to
make sure the competition was kept small and under control.

> So in a marketplace model, you keep your place in the scheme of things and
> your living by making sure you can do something no one else can... whereas
> in a university, you're being paid to discover and share things, and if
> you don't share what you discover, they think you've been sitting on your
> butt and fire you!

(I should go to work now, really. 'Cos I won't be able to make a fortune with my
secret knowledge about 16. century universities, so I better find out some more
and share it...)

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