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Wed Aug 9 06:35:10 EDT 2000

Melissa Proffitt schrieb:

> That's just the *perceived* Renaissance and medieval cultures, by the way.
> If the reality was different from the perception, that's irrelevant. ...

Exactly. And I suppose the reality *was* different! Just think of the Law School
of Bologna, "founded" 1088, of the Universities in Spain, of the way people
started to learn and to teach at that time.

Before I start to babble, I'd better mention again that I'm working on a thesis
in History of Law about the Jurisdiction of the University of Freiburg (founded
1457) in the late middle ages and the early modern time. So I've read quite a
lot about medieval Universities and know quite a lot about the "universitas
friburgenis" in the 15. and 16. century. And the funny thing is, it does
sometimes reminds me of the Unseen University, with feisty professors very
concerned about the food that will be served at the annual celebration if their
faculty. With the citizens' tolerance or lack therof with students' pranks. And
there actually is a lawsuit concerning the Bursar: in my mind I shrieked
"Buuuuursaaar!" and thought about dried frog pills!

 I think it's very refreshing to read something that differs from the sterotyped
"fantasy middle ages". Not that I want everybody to write "historically" correct
novels, it's fantasy after all, and the invented worlds should be new and
exciting and different, and the author is free to create the world she/he wants.
It's just that people seem to be prejudiced about the "dark" pseudo middle ages
and think these time were actually as one-dimensional as  they are often
potrayed. And they were much more complex than that. But that's of course not
the fault of fantasy books alone, I suppose they are not even the main source to
blame. Just watch some mainstream "Knight Movies"...

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to dwj ideas on the univerity theme...


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