Harry Potter seguing to magical universities

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Wed Aug 9 05:01:31 EDT 2000

Isn't the university supposed to be part of the plot of the upcoming _Year
of the Griffin_?  Maybe we *will* see a magical university soon....

Oh, I hope so. Well, everyone's shown me my ignorance of fantasy again, (and
also my poor recall of books I *have* read), with the tons of magic
schools/universities- but also (sort of) upheld my perception that there
weren't that many by saying that they're mostly not where the main action
is. I loved the explanations for why not, too.
In the idle musings that led to my posting yesterday, I was thinking about
some of the lecturers in the various universities I've been at, and
wondering what they'd have been like if they'd been lecturing in Ethical
Uses of Mindreading or Advanced Demon Binding- and what the students would
have come up with as excuses for late essays (the dragon burnt my homework).
I think a description by, ooh, say dwj, of a lab exercise in Introductory
Herbs, demonstrated by a bored PhD student, would be well worth buying a
book for.
Anyway, I'm off on holiday tomorrow, so I'll have the fun of looking at the
digest for two weeks worth of posts at once when I get back.
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