Harry Potter seguing to magical universities

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Jennifer said...

> Is there a wizard university? All the Hogwarts graduates seem to go
> into jobs. But where did the teachers get their doctorates from if not?
> Maybe it's like the Open University, all distance learning. But how would
> research be shared around?
> I'd love to read about a true Invisible College.

Ooh, yes, that would be fun.  I'd write that one myself, if I didn't write
urban fantasy. :-)

> One thing I liked in one of the Mercedes
> Lackey books was a description of the calm way people near a mage-school
> took magical student pranks/accidents- calling a teacher to remove the
> dissolving mist from their pantry, and so on.

"Winds of Fate", IIRC.  And it was an earth elemental, not a dissolving
mist. And, I think it was in the scullery, not the pantry.  Yes, I'm
nitpicking.  Deal with it.  :-)

> Did fantasy authors hate college?

Having just spent several minutes staring at my bookshelves...Pamela Dean's
"Tam Lin" is set at a university; not magical, but full of faeries.  The
heroine of Charles de Lint's "Memory and Dream" spends a lot of the book at
art college (but the magical stuff happens in connection with her
non-college art teacher).  There seems to be a sort-of-vaguely university
set-up for at least the white- and red-robed mages in "Dragonlance".  Back
to Barbara Hambly, there's a uni-type set-up in Darwath, before the Dark
comes.  Maggie Furey has a mage-school in "The Artefacts of Power" series.
There's a (barely-mentioned) college of wizardry in Feist & Wurts' "Empire"
trilogy.  There are two magic schools (segregated by sex) in Holly Lisle's
"Fire in the Mist".  So, there are a few out there.  But they're generally
semi-incidental to the plot (Furey's and Lisle's are pretty intrinsic, as is
Dean's, but hers isn't a mage-school).

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