Harry Potter seguing to magical universities

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Tue Aug 8 05:55:37 EDT 2000

Is there a wizard university? All the Hogwarts graduates seem to go straight
into jobs. But where did the teachers get their doctorates from if not?
Maybe it's like the Open University, all distance learning. But how would
research be shared around?
I'd love to read about a true Invisible College. 

Possible slight spoilers for Dark Lord of Derkholm

Trying to drag this on-topic- I liked the university fees in Derkholm.
That's dwj's only magical university, isn't it? (Howl and Polly both went to
ordinary ones. Oh yes, there's one in Magicians of Caprona, the clans always
try and have one member at the university a) to be civic-minded and share
their learning and b) to have access to the University Library.) Shame we
didn't see more of the Derkholm university beyond hearing how it'd been
damaged by the tours. 

It does seem that quite often in fantasy worlds there are single scholars,
or small groups all bent on researching how to destroy the world, but not
big multidisciplinary bureaucracies of learning. (Barbara Hambly has what is
in effect a university, in Dog Wizard and the rest of that series, but she
and Pratchett are the only ones I can think of offhand). 
It seems to me that the effects of cramming together a bunch of eccentric
magical scholars and young upstarts in one place would give interesting
plots. (Unseen U. is wonderful.) One thing I liked in one of the Mercedes
Lackey books was a description of the calm way people near a mage-school
took magical student pranks/accidents- calling a teacher to remove the
dissolving mist from their pantry, and so on. 
Did fantasy authors hate college? 

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