Bus lanes

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Tue Aug 8 05:09:20 EDT 2000

Yes, I know. There are a *few* of them in London. I was being sarcastic
about there not being *enough*. Although I suppose knocking down all the
buildings to provide four-lane roads along every bus route isn't really
feasible. And if they did people would just park in them.
A non-driver, can you tell?
Jennifer mused...
>> Not even faintly. :-)  But bus lanes are wonderful things!
>> Dorian.
> Bus.....lanes. Bus....lanes. You mean a special part of the road just for
> buses? What a wonderful idea!

Zig-zackly!  Section of road set aside for buses (and taxis).  Normal cars
who use it get stopped, fined, etc. for breaking the traffic laws.  They are
so cool.  Imagine a road with two lanes in each direction.  On each side,
the inside lane is the bus lane.  On each side, there is a long line of
stopped cars in the outside lane, tailed back from some junction or other.
You are sitting on the bus, which whizzes happily up the empty outside line
and gets where it's going long before any of the cars do, *and* you can
laugh at all the people in the cars!  <nasty sniggering>
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