[OFF-TOPIC] Vampire Interactive Story

uni britta at linuxchix.org
Mon Aug 7 10:43:05 EDT 2000

On Sun, 06 Aug 2000 17:39:34 -0600, Jacob Proffitt said:

>  Have you tried any of the WoD mushes?  That's very much like what you are
>  trying to do.  With the exception that it is more interactive (sort of).  I
>  have some very good friends on Ace in the Hole (a WoD mush).  While Mushing
>  can be addictive, you choose the time and how long you're on and RP with
>  those who are on.

Well, I'm on a dial-up connection and have to pay the phone costs... so it's
not really an option. Also, I think that it helps to be playing these a lot,
and I still don't have the time...
I hope that an interactive story may not be quite the commitment any of the
"real" rople-playing games are, and you can write about other characters.

But thanx for the tip!


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