A grievous fault?

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<< + Surely if there's one house that turns out all the evil wizards it
+ should be disbanded and its inhabitants spread around 

Maybe Slytherin produced all the really good strategists against Voldemort
(Ravenclaw students being just too nice to fight him in an underhand way)?

More to the point, Slytherin appears to be the only house which so blatantly 
adheres to the bigoted "only pure-bloods count" line. And that also appears 
to have been an opinion going back to its founder. (Who may indeed have been 
a "good" (as well as a competent and powerful) wizard, but so far, the 
question has been largely not asked as to whether he was a particularly good 
man. Despite this tradition, the hat knew to put Tom Riddle into that house, 
despite his being a half-breed, due to the underlying personality traits.

I think the point is that the Slytherins are not inherently evil, but that 
they tend to be narrow-minded bigots and just plain not very nice. They tend 
to admire power for power's sake, and winning matters more than the morality 
of the methods used to do it. While this sometimes resembles the Griffindors' 
tendency to ignore rules in the service of principle, with the Slytherins the 
underlying base tends to be more personally driven.
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