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Fri Aug 4 14:02:02 EDT 2000

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000 23:27:58 +0100, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

>>Jacob, I'm assuming you're in the US.  Yes, there's a major localisation
>>market here.  No, you're not liable to find it easy to re-locate to here.
>>Why?  Because Ireland has very strict immigration laws, and it is a monster
>>pain in the neck to acquire a work permit if you are not an EU citizen.
>Hey - let's not tell Jacob all that stuff!  It'd be so great to have
>Melissa and Jacob in Ireland.  (LOTS of good bookshops in Dublin, Melissa!)

Drool, drool....

>Although honesty compels me to admit that housing just now is a huge
>problem here...  Honestly also compels me to admit that there's a belief
>that Dubliners can only talk about house-prices and the hideous mess that
>is Dublin traffic.  Said belief surely already disproved by Deirdre, Dorian
>and me - and Becca!  (Becca's my daughter, Dorian, also on the list.)

Housing is a mess here too.  I've seen houses I wouldn't put a dog in being
sold for incredible prices.  It's actually cheaper to buy a brand-new house
than an existing one, in many cases (sadly because the brand-new house is
frequently not built to the same quality as older ones).  But we're renting,
so we don't care right now.

>So just think of the good bookshops, you two.  And think how close you'd be
>to DWJ turf!  And how much sooner you could get her new books as they come

We could certainly get the UK editions quickly....

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