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>>  This turned into a really long message, but I did want to thank everyone
>>  for their great suggestions.
>Well, thank you for summing up everything so nicely... it'll help me update my
>btw, one copy of the eye of argon is at
>Searching for it at google, I found its mention on our mailing list had also
>made it there already...

I got a copy of Eye of Argon that had been done as an MST3K episode.  For
those who don't know, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is a TV show that
used to air on Comedy Central here in the US.  The premise is that these two
evil scientists have trapped a man on a space station and force him to watch
cheesy stupid old movies to see what effect they will have on his brain.
Only this man built some robots to keep him company and now they make
wisecracks as they watch the movies.  So the basic format of the show is
that the viewer is watching this movie, but down in the corner are the
silhouettes of the guy and the robots who are also "watching."  It makes the
movies incredibly funny.  Anyway, somebody took the Eye of Argon manuscript
and did the same thing to it.  I almost died laughing when I read it.  Let
me see if I can find the URL....

There it is.  If you go to the above URL and click on the "i" in a box at
the upper right corner, it will take you back out to the main page where the
link to "the full MST3K treatment".  Or use the above URL but omit

Short of reading Dave Barry, this is about the funniest thing around.

Melissa Proffitt
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