A grievous fault?

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri Aug 4 12:15:15 EDT 2000


I would put Hermione in Ravenclaw if I were the Hat, yes. 
I just didn't quite see the connection between being competitive
(which schoolboy wouldn't want to win the Cup - any cup?) and being
ambitious and conniving. I think the latter qualities mark Slytherins,
and that neither Harry nor Hermione belong in Slytherin for striving.
And I agree that Cedric is pretty brave - in fact, all we see of him
marks him for Griffindor. Not that we see all that much.

I don't think Hufflepuffs are meant to be dopy, and I do think that dopy
Neville is going to do something startlingly powerful at some point - 
you know, the old "discover hidden heritage" card. He's already shown
the brave streak required of his actual House.

Philip: we haven't seen if squibs are completely muggles, or just too
useless at magic to warrant a Hogwarts' admission. After all, Neville
is teased for being a bit of a squib. He's nowhere near as interesting
as Tonino and Angelica, who don't just mess up spells - they infect them
with the force of originality.
+ Surely if there's one house that turns out all the evil wizards it
+ should be disbanded and its inhabitants spread around 

Maybe Slytherin produced all the really good strategists against Voldemort
(Ravenclaw students being just too nice to fight him in an underhand way)?

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