A grievous fault?

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Fri Aug 4 04:52:52 EDT 2000

Rowling seems a bit inconsistent, unless she's leaving room for the
characters to grow- eg Neville is so dopey, surely he should be in
Hufflepuff, and Hermione should be in Ravenclaw for her cleverness. In fact
the "good" characters seem to be pretty evenly spread around the houses,
while Slytherin are all 'orrible. (The Hufflepuff captain of quidditch,
Cedric is it? is pretty brave, which is supposed to be the Griffindor
thing). Surely if there's one house that turns out all the evil wizards it
should be disbanded and its inhabitants spread around to let "goodness" peer
pressure work on them? Even if some of these *11-year-olds* are
irretrievably evil, surely setting them up as a powerful and
self-reinforcing group can only be a bad thing? Now in a dwj story this sort
of thing would be explored...

>I believe Hufflepuffs are good and loyal. C & G are such typical henchmen
>that they don't exhibit character at all, let alone any of the qualities of
>the Houses.

Yes! Perfectly put. And yet if they were in another house they might be sat
on until they just became dimwits, instead of being encouraged to be nasty
to people as Malfoy's supporting villains. 
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