DWJ's sister

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Thu Aug 3 16:20:17 EDT 2000

+ Tanaqui tempting said in passing that

+ > DWJ's sister writes in a more critical mode....

Tanaqui with a temporary memory outage (my Tabula Smaragdina, a Handspring
Visor Deluxe - go on, guess the colour - is susceptible to the 8 Mb DRAM fault
and my .pdf and .prc files are currently lying idle in a desktop after 
*another* hard reset). When the RMA process is finally over (4 weeks!), my
memory will return to its normal augmented state. 
Not even all of my DWJ data is in my head at all times. Alas!


[her] thought made pockets and the plane buck'd   - Berryman's _Dream Songs_
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