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Thu Aug 3 14:20:23 EDT 2000

I just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions.  I have a long list
now, and I'm tracking down the titles.  I feel strongly compelled to read
some Georgette Heyer now, since her name seems to come up frequently
whenever "favorite books" are discussed. The Bagthorpes also got many
votes, and I'm going to check those out too.

Erica suggested: Good Omens.  I wholeheartedly second it.  Great book.

Rowena suggested: 1066 and all that.  One I've been meaning to read but
haven't gotten to yet, although I love history.  Just finished Alsion
Weir's biography of one of the most interesting historical figures,
Eleanor of Aquitaine, so I'm in the mood for history.

Hallie suggested: To Say Nothing of the Dog, which I found in a bookstore
on Saturday and is at the top of the "to-be-read" pile.  Also, _Anne of
Green Gables, which has been a long time favorite, despite the occassional
schmaltz (my middle name is Anne (with an 'e' of course) after Anne
Shirley) Hallie, have you ever read L. M. Montgomery's journals?  Definite
eye-openers; I was amazed she was able to write such fun and funny books
with all the misery she had to live through.

Sally suggested, among other things, Howl's Moving Castle, which I also
think is very funny.  I always LOL at the part where Sophie realizes Howl
has been listening in on her conversation and storms into the house, and
Howl says, "Get behind me, Michael."

JOdel suggested John Bellairs _Face in the Frost_.  I always liked
Bellairs (The House with a Clock in its Walls is an old favorite).  It's
going tobe reprinted in hard cover soon, according to Amazon. The funny
thing is that the first two used booksellers I contacted who had the book
listed at said the book had just been sold.  Frustrating, but I
finally tracked it down in Florida.

Robyn suggested: A Civil Campaign, which I have read (my first Miles book)
and I too thought it was really funny.  I read it because a person on
another email list I belong to had a quote from the book at the end of
her messages (I am paraphrasing here, but I think it was "I
propose a treaty.  You can have all the other women in the universe.  I
just want this one.  I think that's fair.") Isn't it funny what can make
one pick up a book?  A bad cover can keep me away, a badly written/too
revealing jacket blurb can do it too.

Jennifer suggested: many nooks.  Dave Barry used to be a favorite of mine.
I just got Dave Barry Slept Here from a used bookstore.  My favorite of
his columns are the ones in which he talks about the vote he held for
"Worst song ever." That was hilarious.  I love Calvin and Hobbes, and Bill
Bryson is a writer I just picked up not too long ago and relly enjoyed.
I'll have to check out the Molesworth books, since the amazon reviews made
them look so good.

Alex suggested: Cold Comfort Farm.  I *love* this book, and, amazingly,
the movie is one of the few "movies made from a book" that I like almost
as much as the book. The part about Bramwell Bronte is great.

Elise, _The Oracle Glass_ sounds wonderful.  I'll check it out.

Tanaqui, _The Eyes of Argon_ sounds hilariously awful.  I've checked out
the Bulwer-Lytton page before--that's always good for a laugh.

My own personal favorites?  Elizabeth Peters' _The Mummy Case_ alwats
makes me laugh, but mostly at the expense of organized religion, so it may
not be for everyone. Most of her books (with the exception of the
latest two) are pretty funny. Gordon Korman's _A Semester in the Life of a
Garbage Bag_, _Don't Care High_, and _Son of Interflux_ are LOL funny.

This turned into a really long message, but I did want to thank everyone
for their great suggestions.


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