Eight Days of Luke & Harry Potter

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Thu Aug 3 13:22:21 EDT 2000

Hallie said...
> >
> >Jacob, I'm assuming you're in the US.  Yes, there's a major localisation
> >market here.  No, you're not liable to find it easy to re-locate to here.
> >Why?  Because Ireland has very strict immigration laws, and it is a
> >pain in the neck to acquire a work permit if you are not an EU citizen.
> Hey - let's not tell Jacob all that stuff!  It'd be so great to have
> Melissa and Jacob in Ireland.  (LOTS of good bookshops in Dublin,
> Melissa!)

Ooh, yes.  Bookshops...mmmm.  Unfortunately I'm almost perpetually broke,
and don't dare go into any!

> Although honesty compels me to admit that housing just now is a huge
> problem here...  Honestly also compels me to admit that there's a belief
> that Dubliners can only talk about house-prices and the hideous mess that
> is Dublin traffic.

Heh.  I bought my house a year ago last Monday, so I don't talk about house
prices any more. :-)  And since I go everywhere by bus, I feel no need to
moan about traffic.

> So just think of the good bookshops, you two.  And think how close you'd
> to DWJ turf!  And how much sooner you could get her new books as they come
> out...

(And we won't mention how annoyingly expensive books are...)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
israfel at eircom.net

"I will show you fear in a handful of dust" -T. S. Eliot

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